Sunday, July 25, 2010

Death by Pedicure aka The Science of Pedicures

Death By Pedicure sold only at was published in 2006 and is the first book to paint an accurate picture of the direct cause of infections that plague the nail salon industry. Three deaths portrayed in the media over the past couple of years and millions of yearly infections continue to highlight nail salons as a source of microorganisms. Lack of attention and frank misinterpretation of disinfection principals have caused this problem

Historically, from my perspective, the multiple infections that drive this situation was created by mis-education from poorly edited textbooks with product driven consultants that simply perpetuated more mis-information to sell more retail products .

The book was met with great curiosity by public Internet retail purchases but was slow to be accepted until it was renamed, The Science of Pedicures which was incorporated as the primary text of the Internet training course and became accepted by nail technicians internationally.

As of this year, the largest cosmetology textbook company is starting to change their information stream with the advent of hiring non product related disinfection experts that operate beyond just the cosmetology retail market.

I look forward to anyone who has read my book to comment on how it has positively impacted their nail salon or their understanding of their industry.

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